OpenSUSE 10.2: Videos

8 12 2006

After trying out openSUSE 10.2 last night @home on a separate partition and spending some time, around couple of hours, I decided to take a bold decision – to install it as my primary OS, replacing the good old SUSE 10.1.

Guess what – as usual all went just fine. The only thing that remains is the ATI drivers, which I hope with new release will have support for X.Org 7.2, which is part of openSUSE 10.2. The rest of the hardware was all detected properly and installed – WiFi (rt2500), Audigy ZS 2, Broadcom Bluetooth adapter and my new monitor’s resolution = 1680×1050. One thing I am really hoping that will be better with this distro is the synchronisation of my HP 6510 communicator with Kontact, using the OpenSync which has replaced the old MultiSync application. And of course, once the drivers are there, the whole world of XGL, cause I love it.

I made few small videos while installation so some of you can have a look @ it + with comments (after having 3 bottles of first grade Russian bear :)) This is the first time I am making videos, so forgive me for being a novice with this.

openSUSE 10.2 Clean Install

I am not going to write any review so expect in coming days to find links to other external reviews on this great distro. All I can say that it is simply great, at least for me. Kudos to Novell and especially to opensuse community.

Thumbnails made by my Kodak digicam from videos:

List of some repositories already avaialable, on the second day of release of final version:

By the way, Guru and Packman already started their package rebuilding for 10.2. This will be a fun weekend.





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