openSUSE 10.2: List of Recommended Repositories for Yast

13 12 2006

YaST is a great tool for dealing with packages, designed perfectly for beginners. You can install packages, remove them, update, and even protect them. SUSE comes with a lot of packages, but maybe you want a package not provided due to licensing issues. There are repositories that provide this type of package, but SUSE needs extra configuration to access them.

Apart from other repositories that are there, and in coming days will come up, here are the ones I think every openSUSE 10.2 users should have, as to always have access to latest patches and updates and good collection of RPMs. The following is using Yast, which btw is working exceptionally well, compared to what was when 10.1 came out.

Start YaST by selecting it from menu. Select Installation Source. Click on Add, enter server name and directory, and you are done. Here is an example:

And here is the list of repositories that I recommend:

As you can see from the following snapshot, the repository list is nicely syncronised with openSUSE Software Updater applet, which resides in your taskbar.Once any updates are availalbe, the applet will notify you.

Tip: If you are, by any circumstaances, are having some kind of problem with Yast package manager, try deselecting the “Enterprise Software Management” pattern and select the “openSUSE Software Management” software pattern during or after install. (The former pattern contains software that was partly responsible for many of the problems in 10.1)

A complete list of Yast repositories can be always found website:




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