Automate Insertion of YAST Installation Sources on Your openSUSE 10.2 Machine

14 01 2007

So how do we add them in YAST? Is there a way to add them via the command line? Is there any way to automatically add them? Is there a list somewhere of repositories to add?

I would like to take on the task of answering each of these questions.

Adding installation repositories in YAST

This process is relatively painless, outlined as follows:

Open YAST.

Type in your root password.

In the window that appears, click INSTALLATION SOURCE on the right.

In the window that appears, click ADD.

You are taken to another screen asking you what Media Type the new source is. Select the type (many times it will be FTP or HTTP). Click NEXT.

In the next screen, fill in the SERVER NAME, and DIRECTORY ON SERVER. Click NEXT.

You will see some progress dialog boxes popping up and going away as the new installation source is added.

When you are done, click on the FINISH button.

See? That isn’t so bad. It can get tedious, though, if you have lots of installation sources to add.

Adding installation repositories via Commandline

This process is way more painless than adding the installation sources through YAST, outlined here:

Open a terminal window. Become root with the ’su’ command:

$ su
Password: [Enter root password here]

The syntax for the command is:

rug service-add [URL] -type=ZYPP “[NAME OF REPO]”

To add an actual service, you’ll run a command like:

# rug service-add –type=ZYPP “Guru”

Adding installation repositories via Shell Script

I have put a bunch of repositories into a shell script. Remember, kids, that your mom always told you not to just randomly add installation sources. She didn’t? Well, she should have because it’s good advice. Because anyone can put anything into their repository, understand the following sentence: I make no guarantees that this shell script will not add a repository that will totally bork your system. That said, I have had no problems whatsoever with them. Because of this, I am providing this shell script for whoever wants it.

Download the script here

It will add a handful of installation sources for your shiny new openSUSE 10.2 system.

One strange thing…. when it adds the OSS repo, sometimes it will exit with a “Failed to parse XML metadata” error. If it does, just re-run the script. It will not put in duplicates, but it will likely add the OSS repo successfully. Also, this particular repo takes like 9,349 centuries (half an hour) to add in, so just kind of be patient with it.

Also, if you have nvidia or ATI, you may want to add the appropriate repository to the script.

What repository to add? From the lists below.

Lists of available repositories

Where are the lists of repositories?

Here is a link to the one on, called “Additional YaST Package Repositories.” What’s also interesting is that one of my articles published by Novell is one of the first things referenced on that page.

Here is a link to the list found on E@zyVG’s blog, called “openSUSE 10.2: The Most Complete List of Repositories.”

Again, do not just blindly add every repository you can find. That will very likely blow up your system. The ones in the shell script should work, but YMMV. Enjoy.

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Source: by E@zyVG