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28 03 2007

I will be launching a new site soon, Novell-Help.Com will be offering help and How-Tos for those people who need assistance on Implementing Novell Solutions such as OES Linux, GroupWise, ZenWorks, SLES9-10,SLED10 into there IT Enviroment. The site will also help with Integrating Novell Solutions into thier existing Microsoft Networks. I would like everyone to post any suggestions for the site and any contributors as well to help out. Just leave comments or email me @ Mr.Novell-@-GMail.Com. Please put Novell-Help in the subject line.

Thanks, All




2 responses

9 04 2007
Chris Huang

Hi, Mr Novell

We are looking forward to this new site. I supposed that many of people also want to learn and deploy the Linux-based Novell solution in own company.


11 04 2007
Mr. Novell

Yes, Chris

Thank You for commenting. We will discuss deployed OES Linux and other Novell solutions into your own IT Enviroment.

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