Free eBook on Linux Filesystem Permissions and How to Manage Them

30 05 2007

Well today, I have something that I think may be helpful to everyone. I recently put together a class on Linux Filesystem Permissions and how to manage them. Those involved mentioned that they were impressed with my manner of teaching, and that the material was helpful and relevant. B

Thus, for an ebook of the material covering Linux Filesystem Permissions, feel free to download it here. If you have comments, suggestions, questions, feedback, or concerns, please post them here.


openSUSE 10.3 Alpha4 released

30 05 2007

I’m glad to announce the forth public alpha release of openSUSE 10.3.
Important Changes Since Alpha3

The following are some highlights of Alpha4 compared to Alpha3:

* Inclusion of YaST Meta Packages handler
* InstLux allows users to start the Linux installation from Windows

* We have removed zmd from the distribution and concentrate now on the
tools opensuse-updater and zypper.

* TeX Live replaces teTex
* First parts of KDE4svn entered Factory, its games are installed

* 2.2
* GNOME 2.18.1
* Improvements to our init script starter startpar to reduce boottime

* First changes to support Sony PS3.  The PowerPC installation media
do not yet support the installation on PS3, this is planned for

* Linux 2.6.21 with an updated AppArmor patchset
* Reduced size and cleaned up dependencies of some packages

* Initial support for installation in Afrikaans, Gurajati, Hindi,
Marathi, Tamil, Xhosa, Zulu.  (for complete list of languages and

how to participate in translation see😉

A more detailed list of changes is available via .

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Novell Goes Public with MS Patent Agreement Documents

30 05 2007

Novell filed its delayed annual report with the SEC on May 25, including as attachments the technical co-operation and patent agreements it entered into with Microsoft in November 2006.The 10-K filing for the fiscal year, to Oct. 31, 2006, was delayed as a result of astock option investigation, which was recently concluded, allowing the company to release its annual report. The entire 10-K filing can be found here. The text of the 144-page 10-K filing does not get into the specifics of the Microsoft deal, but it does include, subject to some redactions, the full three Microsoft agreement documents: the second amended and restated technical collaboration agreement, the first amended and restated business collaboration agreement and the patent cooperation agreement.

One of the most notable things about the report, according to Pamela Jones’ Groklaw Web site, is that it explains that Microsoft may be forced to stop distributing SUSE Linux coupons if the current text of the third draft of the GNU GPL (General Public License) 3 is included in the final license.

Complete Article @eWeek


Podcast: openSUSE 10.2 Overview

30 05 2007

On Linux on the desktop, episode 16, I give a complete overview of openSUSE 10.2 including the installation, setup and configuration and we also take a look at the KDE and GNOME desktop on openSUSE. But, first we will look at current Linux and Open Source headlines. Dell brings out pre-installed Ubuntu PCs and we explore the offering. Is Dell really serious about Linux on desktop computers? Mark Shulleworth and IT research consultant says Microsoft’s patents claims has no grounds and are no real threat. Sun pledges to use their software patents to protect Linux. And Linux users tell Microsoft to Please Sue Me First. (This will be the last time that I talk about Microsoft’s software patents threat against OSS until they file a lawsuit which will probably be never!)

Quotes: Free Software Philosophy in Business

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When we enter the world of “free and open source software”, most of us will choose one or the other philosophy. This choice is usually made easy by the people that guide us when we enter this world. We are at a point where the philosophies behind free software, which have been heralded by Richard M. Stallman and others, are threatened; as more people make the jump away from proprietary operating systems, less of them know about these philosophies. Fewer people will weigh the decision for themselves.




Quotes: EFF and Novell – Patent Reform Partnership

30 05 2007

“EFF is partnering with Novell to try to get rid of software patents that are hurting innovation all over the world,” stated Shari Steele, Executive Director of the EFF in an interview prior to the panel session. In essence, Novell is committed to working with the EFF to improve patent quality, while at the same time work to lobby with government agencies to reform existing patent policies and litigation, according to Nat Friedman. Novell’s Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Open Source. Specifically, Novell will assist the EFF in two ways. First, they will work with and support the EFF’s existing Patent Busting Project, which targets existing patents that cover technology concepts that are perhaps to fundamental or already have prior art. “They’re awarded for fundamental concepts in computer science on a too regular basis,” Friedman stated. “Things like XOR, the ISNOT operator.” “If you go on our Web site,” Steele added, “we asked Internet users to identify the ten most egregious patents out there. We have our ‘Ten Most Wanted.’ And we’ve been one by one hacking away away at them.” The second part of the partnership will have Novell working with the EFF and legislators to lobby for patent reform, initially in the US, but also branching out to Europe, where patent problems continue to arise. The EFF and Novell will also work with standards groups to assist in patent reform. The news is notable because it’s the first time, Steele confirmed, that a corporate entity has publicly thrown in this level of support for the EFF on the patent issue. Normally, Steele said, companies have been much more circumspect and allowed the EFF to solely take the lead on this issue.


Slow Blogging!

30 05 2007

Sorry, Guys

I’ve just start a new job as a IT Manager at a Global Entertainment company. I’ll be back to blogging again next week, after I get settled. The cool thing is that all of our Production server are running Enterprise linux.


9 05 2007

Mugshot is a Open-Source social networking site, It’s pretty cool you can add stuff like MySpace, Flickr, Google Picasa and many others onto one page!

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