Podcast: openSUSE 10.2 Overview

30 05 2007

On Linux on the desktop, episode 16, I give a complete overview of openSUSE 10.2 including the installation, setup and configuration and we also take a look at the KDE and GNOME desktop on openSUSE. But, first we will look at current Linux and Open Source headlines. Dell brings out pre-installed Ubuntu PCs and we explore the offering. Is Dell really serious about Linux on desktop computers? Mark Shulleworth and IT research consultant says Microsoft’s patents claims has no grounds and are no real threat. Sun pledges to use their software patents to protect Linux. And Linux users tell Microsoft to Please Sue Me First. (This will be the last time that I talk about Microsoft’s software patents threat against OSS until they file a lawsuit which will probably be never!)

Quotes: Free Software Philosophy in Business

Filed under: Quotes & Thoughts — E@zyVG @ 10:30 am

When we enter the world of “free and open source software”, most of us will choose one or the other philosophy. This choice is usually made easy by the people that guide us when we enter this world. We are at a point where the philosophies behind free software, which have been heralded by Richard M. Stallman and others, are threatened; as more people make the jump away from proprietary operating systems, less of them know about these philosophies. Fewer people will weigh the decision for themselves.



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