Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome

31 07 2007

For the moment I stick with F-Spot, but DFO (Desktop Flickr Organizer) is an application which development is worth to track. A similarity with F-Spot is that they are both Mono based.


Recover a stuck SSH session

31 07 2007

This has happened probably to everyone that uses SSH from time to time. You logged in to a terminal over SSH and your session is stuck (e.g., no response). Most people will kill the window or the process that runs SSH and open a new one. There is actually a way to recover from a stuck session and it is quite simple:
On the moment your session is stuck, you press tilde + dot (shfit “~” + “.”) on your keyboard to send a break sigal. You’ll end up at your own shell from which you can resume the session by opening it up again.

Slow Posts

26 07 2007

Sorry, All

I’ve been busy building with Ruby on Rails, well trying anyway…, I’ll be back later this week.


Photos from LugRadio Live 2007

11 07 2007

I won’t go into depth about what a great time was had by all at LugRadio Live 2007. There were great technical sessions, and great energy. Attendees reacted pretty well to my presentation of Bungee Connect. And, I found every single item in the endless series nob jokes to be generally above par.The first half of my photo set is online now at Flickr.
Warning: Some of these photos are sophomoric and in bad taste. Okay, most of them are.

Source: Ted Reverend

Wow!, I got an iPhone

10 07 2007

Well, the other day I walked into a AT&T store waited 5mins in line and got the second to last iPhone in stock. So far I like the interface and have not stopped playing with it yet. I have it configured to check my gmail & work email as well synced some movies to it.

I was hoping not to find any bugs that some consumers have found but I have found 1 so far. In the Safari browser if I browse certain websites or at random times,  my phone kicks back to the home screen. I sure hope apple comes out with an update soon but its not bad of a phone. It will surely change the mobile industry forever. Another thing I hope they release is a update to view flash on websites.

Mr. Novell’s Blog has been Moved!

4 07 2007

Hello, All

I have decided to my Blog with my other sites to my Data Center in Burbank, CA. The new url is  The site is still under construction but is up and running for the most part. I might come back to one day but for now, i’ll try this.