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31 12 2007


I came across this site of all kinds of the greatest open-source  software while browsing Linux & Open Source Blog. Please check it out. I’ll be adding it to my links page. This is my last post for the year 2007 and I hope all of you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!.


Configuring Ruby Rails for Apache on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

20 12 2007

I was browsing the net for a decent way to configure Apache and Rails and came across this article. I hope all you Ruby developers enjoy this…

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Novell Lands Major Linux Server Contract with Office Depot

18 12 2007

In its latest significant victory, Novell announced that Office Depot has elected to consolidate its server infrastructure on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 1.

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ATTN: Server Upgrade and more…

13 12 2007


I am upgrading my server in my datacenter, I am migrating my sites over the next few days. You might see my blog up and down for the next day or two. will officially shorty after the server upgrade.

I am offering hosting plans for free for those that need it for a open-source cause, such as projects, blogs, etc… I also have paid plans for those that require more. The free plan package details are below:

Package: OSS L1
Price: $0
OS: Linux
Diskspace: 500MB
Emai Accounts: 10
MySQl Databases: 10
FTP Accounts: 10
SSH Access
Webmail Access
PHP4 & 5
Full cPanel access
And more…

Just email me @ mr.novell-at-gmail-com if you want one

My AIM: OGMicro
Yahoo: Powerrouter
GoogleTalk: Mr.Novell
Skype: bscott818

Flash Player 9 Update 3 now available

7 12 2007

Two days ago Adobe has released the final version of its Flash Player Update 3, an important update that brings several new features:

  • Mainly, support for H.264, one of the most efficient video encoding available today
  • Hardware based image scaling
  • Full screen support on Linux
  • Support for HE-AAC, an advanced audio encoding
  • Multicore support
  • Support for Leopard (Mac OS 10.5)
  • Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
  • Flash Player can play back existing MP4, M4A, MOV, MP4V, 3GP and 3G2 content

To get the update, available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris, visit Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

At the same time, Adobe announced Adobe Media Player: “the first application from Adobe built on Adobe AIR, [that] will leverage both H.264 video and HE-AAC audio support. Adobe Media Player takes Flash streaming video experiences outside the Web browser delivering more viewing options, such as watching videos anytime, anywhere.”

Adobe Media Player will be available in early 2008 according to the same press release.

Adobe Flash 9 Update 3 press release    |    Adobe Flash 9 Update 3 release notes


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Quick and easy backup with lftp

5 12 2007

No matter what Linux distribution you are using, chances are you’ll find more than one graphical FTP client in its repositories, but if you are looking for a powerful command-line FTP tool, your best bet is lftp. Of course, you can always use the good old ftp command, but lftp takes the task of managing files and directories using the FTP protocol to a new level. To see what I mean, let’s use lftp to write a script that creates a local backup copy of a Web site.

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2 12 2007

Giver is a simple file sharing desktop application. People that have machines near you are automatically discovered and you can send files to them by simply dragging the files to their photo in Giver. There is no knowledge needed beyond what the person looks like if they are running Giver.


Project Code page on Google

Build server
If you want to just install it on your OpenSUSE 10.3 here is the repository.

We expect to have a windows, mac and sled version available soon 😉

Source: (Moosy Blog)