ATTN: Server Upgrade and more…

13 12 2007


I am upgrading my server in my datacenter, I am migrating my sites over the next few days. You might see my blog up and down for the next day or two. will officially shorty after the server upgrade.

I am offering hosting plans for free for those that need it for a open-source cause, such as projects, blogs, etc… I also have paid plans for those that require more. The free plan package details are below:

Package: OSS L1
Price: $0
OS: Linux
Diskspace: 500MB
Emai Accounts: 10
MySQl Databases: 10
FTP Accounts: 10
SSH Access
Webmail Access
PHP4 & 5
Full cPanel access
And more…

Just email me @ mr.novell-at-gmail-com if you want one

My AIM: OGMicro
Yahoo: Powerrouter
GoogleTalk: Mr.Novell
Skype: bscott818




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