Vista Sucks Video – Very Funny!

28 03 2008

Spicebird – Open Source Outlook Alternative

26 03 2008

Spicebird was created by a group called Synovel Technologies, “an opensource technology startup based in Hyderabad, India. They develop and contribute to Free and Open Source applications, especially in the enterprise communication and collaboration space.”

Spicebird is a collection of contact and collaboration tools, including Chat, Email, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. What’s nice about the integrative approach to these tools is that, for example, you can check on a contact, and not only do you get basic contact information, you also see your contact’s online status, so you can IM this user via the built-in Chat window, or contact him via Jabber, if you choose. The application is built on top of mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird, Xmpp4moz and adds more features and integration. The extensibility of the mozilla platform makes adding new tools and customization of the suite easy. Spicebird has a long road ahead to become a comprehensive communications suite.

Check out the Video Demo of the product.

Article By: E@zyVG

RedBook – Daily Logging App

12 03 2008

Redbook allows you to log your daily activities during the day and comes with a great reporting function.

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