OpenSUSE Linux: Creating Self-Signed SSL Certificates

18 06 2009

At some point or another, you’ll likely end up needing an SSL certificate for a Web site somewhere along the line. For a commercial site, your hosting provider can or will help you get this all squared away. This article is not for people in that situation.

What we’re doing here will be to create our own Certificate Authority. Then, we’ll create our own server key and a signing request. Then, we’ll sign our own certificate using the key and certificate from our own Certificate Authority. In other words, we’re not just going to create an SSL certificate, but we’re going to sign that bad boy, too.

This is useful for personal websites that need a little security, or when you’re waiting for your real cert from a real Certificate Authority. Perhaps you need it for transmitting data from an external server to your Intranet. Or perhaps you need it in any of the three hundred thousand seven hundred forty-two other situations that may arise.

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