My Linux related background: I am a Systems Engineer/Network Consultant and supporter of Open Source Software (OSS/FSF) “movement” and as you can see my preferred OS is Linux, which is Novell’s SUSE distribution. I got acquanted with SUSE distro when it was released as version 8, and ever since then I use SUSE as my preferred Linux distro. I have implemented SUSE at such places like LAGYM Equipment, MySpace, and many other Enterprise Environments.

I’m also a avid user of Ruby and Rails, this has prompted me to move some of my recent skill sets to developing useful WebApps for SysAdmins. I have filled many roles in the past and present such as:

Director Of IT – RazorGator.com and LAGym Equipment now owned by BusyBody Fitness Stores.

Sr. Systems Administrator – Pretty much had this role at every employer I’ve been employed. This role consisted of managing Microsoft Exchange server, Active Directory and File & Print services. Most of it was managing web servers and database servers running MySQL or SQL Server.

DataCenter Engineer – MySpace.com and LiveUniverse.com, creator of LiveVideo.com which crashed and burned. Here my role was implementing new storage technologies from Isilon Systems, NetApp and EMC among Load Balanvers while maintaining hundreds if not thousands of Servers being shipped in every month for deployment.  Those were the days 🙂

More then ever, I am seeing a change in the SysAdmin to become more of a DevOps Role, assisting in provisioning Cloud Instances for code deployment ranging from Ec2 to RackSpace Cloud and beyond.


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